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April 2009

Continuing Unobtanium

Tonight I am sad.? It’s not right really, but I am.? I’ve written about Unobtanium before, and I’ve never had sex with her, yet still I love her.? I have since we first met four years ago.? We’re best friends.? We chat everyday.? She texts me even when she is dong the most mundane of […]

Swing humor

One night while driving home after playing with a couple for the first time I said to Lucretia MacEvil “You know, I couldn’t find her clit.”? Lucretia turns to me and exclaims “YOU TOO! I thought it was just me!” Yes, she had the smallest clit we have ever encountered. However she told her husband […]

The 15 things that really turn men on

I get such a chuckle out of all those Cosmopolitan magazine articles on “What Your Man Really Thinks” and “What Really Turns Your Man On”.? As I read these things I ask myself: Did they really ask any men about this? Or did a bunch of women just sit around the conference room at Cosmo […]